Capillary Matting

Maxagrow® NP is a composite with recycled fibre bed along with Maxagrow® GCS for retaining the optimum amount of water as may be requested by the customer. The water retention requirement varies across different plants and different growing conditions. Adding this product in our product basket is a green initiative taken by Shri Ambica Polymer Private Limited to save on excess use of water during irrigation. Also, the choice of recycled fibre has been done keeping in mind the cost of effectiveness which needs to be taken care for making Maxagrow® NP affordable to the common growers and horticulturists.

Benefit and application of Capillary Mat / capped ground cover

Capillary Mat / Capped ground cover being a composite of weed control and felt can be used for water conservation and weed control in the following applications:

  • Professional landscaping
  • Weed control
  • Under rocks as a separation fabric
  • Under mulch
  • Under soil
  • on slope embankments

Standard features for AmTec NPCM Capped ground cover / Capillary Mat fabric

  • Standard features for Maxagrow®  NP:
  • Standard width : 1-2-3.65-4.20 Meter / 3’- 4’- 5′- 6’- 8’- 12’
  • Standard Roll length : 100 Meter / 250’- 2500’
  • Available Color : Black with stripes or squares, White with stripes or squares