Shri Ambica Polymer is one of the largest producers and exporters of polypropylene woven technical textiles from India. With assured quality right from the first stage of manufacturing—from utilization of Gravimetric mixers to customization at all stages— from weaving, to designing, to packaging, we can cater to professionals as well as retail distributors.

Maxagrow® is your choice of products for Agri-Textile applications and AmTec is your choice of products for Geosynthetic applications requiring the use of technical textiles.


  • We produce PP / PE woven fabrics made on sulzer / circular loom
  • The widths available range from 5.33 Meter i.e. 17.5’ up to 0.5 Meter i.e. 1.6’
  • We can provide heavy GSM fabrics for special applications
  • All the fabrics are supplied with minimal defects and custom packed as per requirement

Our PP woven ground cover offers a perfect solution for retarding weed control and reducing evaporation. Made from virgin polypropylene granules, special UV & color additives which in turn are well mixed using gravimetric mixer blenders, makes sure our ground cover fabric gives high tensile strength along with the perfect UV resistance. Ambica’s ground cover fabric is used by professional nurseries and landscapers in a variety of applications. It provides a weed-free environment for potted plants while allowing water, nutrients, and liquid fertilizer to be absorbed through the fabric.It is resistant to attack by mildew, bacteria and most ground insects. Our ground cover is available in both stripes and square marking lines and these marking lines can be customized per specific requirements thereby allowing proper plant alignment.

Our capillary matting AmTec NPCM also knowns as capped ground cover or needle punched ground cover or landscape fabric is a composite made from PP woven weed control fabric i.e. AmTec GCS on one side and recycled Polyester fiber bed on the other, for retaining the optimum amount of water as may be requested by the customer. The water retention requirements vary across different plants and different growing conditions. Adding this product in our product basket is a green initiative taken by our company in order to save on excess use of water during irrigation. Also the choice of recycled fiber has been done keeping in mind the cost effectiveness which needs to be taken care for making AmTec NPCM affordable to the professional growers and horticulturists.

Our Woven shade nets AmTec SN are made from virgin HDPE material for protecting against the sun thereby creating a micro-climate suitable for growing flowers, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables. Nets are UV Stabilized for longer self-life and durability. They are woven on flat looms with different combination of Monofilament & slit tapes necessary to achieve a desired shade control. By reducing the sun’s rays they improve the conditions for growth and the soil does not dry up, thereby producing savings in irrigation costs.

Our Insect Nets AmTec IN are produced from HDPE monofilament having UV resistance,on wider width Sulzer looms — upto 5.3 Meters
Standard width: 1,00 – 2,00 – 3,00 – 4,00 – 5,00 Meter
Standard Roll length: 100 Meter
Available Color: White, Green, Natural
Any other width, length and color can also be customized upon prior request

Our geotextiles AmTec Geo are produced on wider width Sulzer looms –upto 4.5 Meters. Some of our Geotextiles are also certified. We can manufacture both, tape x tape and geotextile.
Standard width: 4,50M – 4.5M / 12.5’- 15.0’ – 17.5’
Standard Roll length: 100 Meter / 432’- 360’ – 300’
Available Color: Black
Any other width and length can also be customized upon prior request

Our Harvest Mantle AmTec HM are produced from high strength Jumbo fabric having heavy handles on 4 corners to help lift load using a machine.
Standard sizes: 2 x 2 , 3.5 x 3.5 Meter
Available Color: White
Any other width, length and color can also be customized upon prior request

We manufacture planter bags for different purposes such as tree planting, potatoes planter bag, vegetable planter bag, flower planter bags etc. We also customize the size and color as per requirements.
Standard color: Dark Green laminated, Brown non-laminated