Shade Net

Maxagrow® SN is a woven shade net series of products made from virgin HDPE material for protecting against the sun thereby creating a micro-climate suitable for growing flowers, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables. Nets are UV Stabilized for longer self-life and durability. They are woven on flat looms with different combination of Monofilament & slit tapes necessary to achieve a desired shade control. By reducing the sun’s rays they improve the conditions for growth and the soil does not dry up, thereby producing savings in irrigation costs.

Benefit and application of Shade Net

  • Shade Nets protect the plants from direct sunlight
  • They allow air & water to reach to plants and protect them from winds at the same time
  • It controls light transmission & air flow resulting in effective temperature control
  • Reinforced edge enables easy and tight installation hence can also be used as side covering in Green house, orchards or Farm
  • Protect plants and crops that suffer from excessive heat and UV burn which generally results in smaller, lower quality yield

Standard features for AmTec SN Shade net

  • Standard features for Maxagrow® SN: Maxagrow® SN is produced on wider width Sulzer looms — upto 5.3 Meters
  • Standard width : 1–2–3–4–5 Meter
  • Standard Roll length : 100 Meter ranging from 30% upto 90% Shading.
  • Available Color : Green, Black, white, blue, silver
    Any other width, length and color can also be customized upon prior request.