Ground Cover

Maxagrow® GCS is a woven ground cover series of products that offers a perfect solution for retarding weed control and reducing evaporation. Made from virgin polypropylene granules, special UV & color additives which in turn are well mixed using gravimetric mixer blenders, makes sure our ground cover fabric gives high tensile strength along with the perfect UV resistance. Maxagrow® ground cover fabric is used by professional nurseries and landscapers in a variety of applications. It provides a weed-free environment for potted plants while allowing water, nutrients, and liquid fertilizer to be absorbed through the fabric. It is resistant to attack by mildew, bacteria and most ground insects. Our ground cover is available in both stripes and square marking lines and these marking lines can be customized as per specific requirements thereby allowing proper plant alignment.

Uses of Ground cover / Weed control Fabric

  • Retarding Weed Growth.
  • Reducing Evaporation.
  • Plant Alignment.
  • Pedestrian Traffic Areas
  • Retention of Mulch and Reduction of Erosion on Embankments.
  • Patio and Paver Underlayment.

Standard features for AmTec GCS ground cover / weed control fabric

  • Standard features for Maxagrow®  GCS / Weed control fabric: Maxagrow® GCS is produced on wider width Sulzer Looms – Upto 5.3 Meters Standard width : 1,00 – 1,05 – 1,65 – 2,10 – 3,30 – 4,20 – 5,20 Meter / 3’- 4’- 6’- 8’- 10’ – 12’ – 15.5’
  • Standard Roll length : 100 Meter / 300’- 2500’
  • Standard weight : 90-100-110-130 GSM / 2.9-3.2-3.8 Oz/Syd
  • Available Color : Black, Green, Brown, White
    Any other width, length and color can also be customized upon prior request.